A Deer Walked Up To This House One Day. And They NEVER Saw The Rest Coming. Amazing.


As more areas are cleared and turned into residential neighborhoods, the population of deer increases. In neighborhoods where deer are protected and there are no hunters to thin them out, they are running out of places to hide. The result is deer are becoming accustomed to humans. The sight of a human, an automobile or a domestic animal is becoming less alarming to deer.

In this video a deer and eventually her sister, wonder on to a residential property. The deer comes to the deck and makes her-self comfortable in the dog bed. The dog is not alarmed and neither is the deer. As if they have some unspoken communication, the dog and the deer begin to frolic and play. As the run in circles and at each other, there is no doubt they are playing together. At one point the deer goes to the family cat and gets acquainted with him as well. However, the cat is not amused and simply lies on his bench. Still unsure of how tame this unusual visitor is, the homeowner goes outside and hand feeds his guest. The deer accepts the food right from his hand.

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