A Customer Returns Cupcakes That Are Stale – But Just Wait Until You See What’s In The Box


One morning Sharon greeted a young woman only to hear a complaint about a recent purchase of stale cupcakes. The customer said she had given the cupcakes to her boss and the boss was not happy with the flavor. After all the effort Sharon poured into the cupcakes, it must have been hard to hear that the customer was not delighted with the product and in fact was unsatisfied.

Sharon took it in stride as a professional business owner. She cheerfully recited her standard options to the unhappy customer. She always offers replacement cupcakes or a refund and asks what the customer would prefer. Her policy and her demeanor are designed to satisfy. This time the customer said she would have to ask her unsatisfied boss what to do.

The customer’s boss was really her accomplice and she was called in. The “Boss” joined in with the ruse. The “Boss” gave her opinion of the cupcakes, explaining why they didn’t taste good. The “Boss” suggested to Sharon that she taste the cupcakes herself to see just what was the problem.

Sharon agreed to check them out and she lifted the box lid. Sharon shouted and her face lit up in amazement when she saw the surprise waiting for her inside the box! A huge gift greeted her; a box full of money not of cupcakes! The two women wanted to help Sharon stay on top of bills and have more time for her family.

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