A Chimp Is Introduced To These Babies – And What Happens Is Unbelievable!


Babies always seem to love other babies and this video certainly provides all of the evidence needed to prove that theory. Have you ever seen two babies together? They are usually fast friends and since they are both on the same wavelength, they enjoy each other’s company and love to play for hours on end.

While you might think that placing a baby chimp, baby wolf and baby tiger in the same place might be a recipe for disaster (or the setup to a joke with a very bizarre punchline), these animals are quickly becoming good buddies and are definitely having a great time playing with each other. Their roughhousing is so adorable, you may need to watch this clip more than once.

The chimp’s enthusiasm is evident and the smile plastered across his face is so infectious, you will be hard pressed not to break out into an ear to ear grin of your own. This clip shows that even animals of completely different species can get along with one another and live in perfect harmony.

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