A Cat Stole This Frenchie’s Bed. Now Watch His ADORABLE Attempts To Get It Back!


For those of us out there who have siblings, this clip just might bring back all kinds of repressed memories. There were probably numerous occasions where you fought with your brother or sister over things that are likely insignificant now. While siblings constantly annoy one another, they always find a way to get past their issues and remain close.

Animals experience sibling rivalry, too. This is especially true for animals who have recently experienced the addition of a new sibling to their family dynamic. While we are able to watch and enjoy the cuteness that is associated with the new brother or sister, the animal who has already established their place in the pecking order considers it to be a nuisance.

The dog in this video is a mere ten weeks old, but has already developed quite the spunky and vivacious personality. The French bulldog is named Pixel and while she is destined to provide endless entertainment to her owners for years to come, her brother does not seem to find her presence in his home all that amusing.

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