A Blind Dog Is Found On The Streets. What Happens Will Stay With You For A Long Time.


The loss of any of the five senses is tough to fathom and watching an animal who has been deprived of one of their own is difficult to watch. If you have never seen this video, beware: the images contained within just might stick with you for quite some time. This dog’s name is Fiona and her story is one of the most incredible tales that we have ever seen.

Fiona was living in southern Los Angeles and did not have a home of her own, as she was forced to reside in a pile of trash. The rescue team in this clip had received a call about her and from the looks of it, she was in extremely bad shape. When they pulled up looking for her, she was nowhere to be found.
One of the workers decided to block off an open area of the fence, so that Fiona would not be able to escape from the help that they were trying to provide. An initial search turned up no evidence of a dog living nearby. But lo and behold, Fiona popped her head up from the trash pile to find out what the commotion was, only to learn that the cavalry had finally arrived, at long last.
It was clear by her facial expression that Fiona had gone blind in both of her eyes, so the rescue team needed to allow her to smell them, before she could develop enough trust to go with them and be rescued from her life of squalor.

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