A Bear Wandered Onto Their Porch. How They Get It To Leave? I’m Dying!


Bears normally come out of the woods in the spring, summer, and fall looking for food and water. Part of the bear’s behavior is dictated by breeding instincts. The younger males are looking for their own home turf. Nishanto Grillo has just had enough of a regular black bear visitor. The bear has obviously been to the back porch of this home several times because it just moseys about the well-manicured and decorated backyard and finally ambles up the steps to the deck. The bear is just taking a lazy stroll about the neighborhood. This is a fairly large black bear that may weigh as much as 300 pounds. This is really not an animal most people would dare mess with.

Ms. Grillo’s husband is filming the bear from a distance and shouts to his wife that “The bear’s here”. The man says “Let me go in your office because he might come after me.” The lady of the house bursts out of the back door and begins screaming at the bear. She is maybe five feet tall at most. Nishanto Grillo makes it quite clear to the bear and the entire neighborhood that the bear is not welcome at all. She screams to the bear to go right now and the bear is so startled that it runs away. The bear is startled at first and then makes a hasty retreat into the woods from whence it came to escape the noise and obvious anger of this little woman. One has to understand that the bear probably weighs three times what the lady does and is about seven feet tall. Ms. Grillo claims that “I think that scared him” as the bear disappears into the forest behind the house. One very angry lady has solved her pesky bear problem. Obviously, the bear had been a frequent visitor and may have done some damage to the house.

Whatever the reason for the lady’s dislike of the bear it is really funny that the bear is scared to death of a human that is tiny compared to the bear. One of the funniest things about the video is the husband’s retreat to safer territory while the little lady not only stands her ground but runs toward the bear and forces the unwanted intruder away. You might think the bear is thinking “What is wrong with that woman?” At least in this showdown between bears and people, the fearless and indomitable Nishanto Grillo is the decisive winner. This woman is just not going to put up with a bear in the backyard. Most experts claim that running toward a bear and making a lot of noise will intimidate the animal and make it run away. The experts appear to be proven correct at least in this instance.

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