9 Girls Line Up – Their Cover Of ‘Amazing Grace’ Has Me Covered In Goosebumps


It is so amazing to watch this awesome group of talented young ladies performing John Newton’s song in Chris Tomlin’s way. They are from the BYU Noteworthy choir and their rendition is presented in a captivating manner. Sounding like the voice of angels in the wood, their compelling voices are strong enough to keep one’s full attention from start to finish. All dressed in white, they certainly shine as angels with beautiful voices.

Their presentation offers a very explicit understanding of the message of their song. The clear stream and the peaceful forest that echoes the sound of their music presents a deep significance of what amazing grace is all about and what it has brought to humanity.

Watching these exceptional musical maestros sing Amazing Grace as an a cappella is a thing of amazement. One can hardly tell that a musical instrument was included. They have got excellent amazing voices that can blend to create a pleasant symphony. These ladies have indeed taken this song to another level.

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