8 Years Ago, His Puppy Was Stolen. Wait ‘Til You See Who Comes Walking In…


Watching this story unfold is so fun seeing what really happens. Duke doesn’t seem to recognize his old master at first. Duke takes a while to recognize Joshua but it is obvious these two were the best of friends at some time in their lifetime. The reaction of these two old friends is heart-warming. Duke the puppy had gone missing eight long years! This is so amazing to wonder where Duke was the whole time. To think the puppy survived that whole time on the street is simply amazing. Watch what happens on this video and see this reunion between the pair. Joshua is overwhelmed by the moment but is so happy to see his friend who was a puppy when he last saw him.

Watch this video and enjoy a great story about man and his best friend. Duke is such a clown rolling on the floor when they meet up in this video. You have to watch this great little video and see Duke the Rottweiler reunited with his old friend Joshua. This is such a great ending to a once sad story. You will enjoy the happy ending to this story as you see the woman who found him feeling so happy in helping return Duke. This is one of the most inspiring stories you have ever seen. Duke never forgot his owner even after eight long years of being separated. Watch as Duke walks out of the hospital so happy to be going back to his home.

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