6 Things Only Dog Parents Will Understand!


Only dog parents can understand what the different looks mean. The innocent, kooky look when they have just torn up all the cushions in the lounge or the tail-down, wagging the body look when they have done an accident on the floor and they are trying to say, “Sorry!”


Even the little sounds, mean different things. My little Dachshund would growl deep in her throat if there was a stranger at the door or yip madly and manically if there was a friend there.


They lavish unconditional love on you, simply because you exist! This is the love of a child for its parent! They don’t mind if we look funny or our hair is all over the place or we dress oddly, hell no, they will cuddly up and kiss us anyway!


Even when I found myself alone after my husband passed on – the little wriggly body that insisted on comforting me and stayed close to me, reminded me that I was not alone. She knew her Daddy was gone and she looked for him every day, waiting at the front door and when he didn’t arrive at the usual time, she would snuggle up to me.


She took to sleeping in my lap, making herself comfortable and then not moving until the next morning. I didn’t mind if I was slightly uncomfortable, she was so sweet, I didn’t have the heart to move her away.


My little dog loved redecorating my home. She would pull the stuffing out of the cushions, or chase my knitting wool around every leg of the furniture and have a wonderful time. Then she would hide away – peeping at me around the door watching every move – until I had cleaned everything up and then she would re-emerge, looking very proud of herself!


I gave up cleaning my windows, at least on the inside. The minute the windows sparkled, a little nose would snuffle all over it followed by a pink tongue. I am sure she was helping to do her bit!


They will always be the baby of the family. Whether they are Great Danes or Toy Poms, they consider themselves the center of the family and entitled to be spoiled. And who can help it? Just look at their faces looking up at you with adoration, and you find yourself smiling involuntarily at them!


Oh, and of course, just like any proud parent – did I mention how very clever she is?

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