53 Seconds Into This Video, I Totally Broke Down. This Little Girl Never Saw It Coming.


There’s something about young people and creatures that makes them incredibly cute and desirable, but we can never really put our finger on what it really is. Truth is, we don’t really need to put our finger on it, we find it adorable anyway.

We’ve all been in a situation in which we’d like to have a puppy to pet but didn’t, and we’ve all been in a situation in which we’d like to hug a puppy so hard his cuteness would be transferred to us.

As it turns out, cuteness has been extensively studied and it’s all based on being young. Puppies are extremely cute because they’re young, and because young looking things trigger protective mechanisms in us.

Now this just makes it a lot cuter when you watch the video because the girl in it is clearly still young herself, so the fact that she has been wanting a small creature for years just to take care of it is extremely adorable. In the video itself we just see her hugging the puppy, but we’re pretty sure she’ll take good care of him and that they’ll be best friends for years to come.

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