1st Place Performance Goes To Two 11-Year-Olds Who TEAR UP The Stage! WOW!


These two dancing ghouls will shock you with all the talent they have. This video captures two eleven-year-olds named Kaycee Rice And Gabe de Guzman in their stellar performance at the 2013 Pulse Competition tour in Las Vegas. This traveling dance show discovered these two little stars that night and they were fantastic.

This is such a cool video the way it is choreographed by these two 11-year-olds. The moves and syncing to these creepy words and music is really fantastic. See how all their energy comes out in this video of these dancing ghouls. You have to see how talented these little dancers really are as they end up winning the gold in this national dance competition.

This is such a refreshing video to see these talented kids performing their dance routine. Listen and see how they dance and sync to this song with a monster theme. This performance with a Hip Hop sound is so much fun and you will really love it. The Hip Hop song is “Monster” and so fun to watch these two ghouls performing it. The Halloween theme is so fun and cool you have to see it!

Watch this video and you will want to stand up and cheer whenever you see it. These two young and talented kids in this Pulse competition are simply amazing. You will be laughing at all their fun and creepy monster moves enjoying this great video. You have to see this creepy dance routine as they make it work so good.

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