19 Photos That Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down


Having a bad day? Just had a terrible fight with your significant other? No problem, these adorable critters are going to turn that frown upside down, we guarantee it.

1 – Someone please tell me the joke he just listened to, it looks like it is pretty amazing. I want to laugh too!
2 – This little guy has the most beautiful smile, I just want to go pet him until my arm hurt and I don’t feel my fingers anymore.
3 – It’s like he approached the camera just to give us a big smile. Come on, smile back, will you?
4 – This dog is so happy to be with his family he just smiles all the way through it, while the other guys just sleep!
5 – He loves flowers, that’s a given. Have you ever loved something that hard? We know the answer is yes.
6 – Everyone loves birthdays, and everyone loves cake. Even the dog does.
7 – I can almost read his mind: “Hey look! A camera, I better approach and smile, these humans are always kind of sad”.
8 – This is the exact face I would make if someone told me I was going to eat meat every day.
9 – The others might be struggling for survival, but this little guy just cares about making the most out of life.
10 – This dog is probably super happy because the owner is super happy. Isn’t love beautiful?
11 – I have no words to describe this. I want to be a hamster and go do that too, I don’t care!
12 – I swear, someone is telling these critters some awesome jokes, just look at that smile!
13 – This looks like an evil smile. I can’t tell if he is happy to see the camera because he likes it or because its lunch.
14 – I seriously want to know the joke! I can almost hear this one laugh out loud, literally rolling on the floor.
15 – Have you ever been so happy you become the most photogenic thing that ever existed? Well, this dog did.
16 – His smile isn’t great but hey, he is still incredibly cute. And so what if he has an evil smile and looks like a magic critter?
17 – It looks like he is yawning, but he is really just covering his years so people won’t tell him the same joke, again!
18 – If the smile of this turtle and my pursuit for that joke wasn’t enough for you, the water did make things a little funnier with this one.
19 – This is the face of happiness. I don’t know how critters can be this happy but the picture shows happiness with perfection, I can stare at this one for hours just to be happy.
Credit: Sunny Skyz

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