19 Adorable Cats That Want To Interrupt Your Reading Time. Check Out #3


1. This little kitten is peering up at you and is basically announcing that it is too adorable for you to focus on your homework.

2. This kitty is just showing its head peaking over the book and providing an entertaining distraction.
3. There is nothing more adorable than this tiny kitten sleeping inside the book and stopping all attempts to read that page.
4. A very old looking book with tiny paw prints that prove a cat once walked on it and still has an artistic look to it anyway.
5. A little nibble seems to be taken out of this book by this cute little cat that is looking back at you.
6. Looking upside down and wrapped in a blanket, this kitty wants to get in the way of your laptop work and be cute at the same time.
7. This cat decides to get a front-row look at this classic book and is not too concerned about blocking the view of others.
8. Not only is this cat furry and snow-white, it is posing in the most charming manner while on a book.
9. This cat seems to be in control of the paperwork and may be done with today’s work.
10. Looking at the book just as intensely as the little boy holding it, this cat seems to be a big Harry Potter fan.
11. This is one cat that is more focused on taking a bite out of the book than looking cute doing it.
12. One human hand on the book and one cat paw to go with it and they seem to be on the same page literally.
13. Since newspapers are no longer the popular source of information that they once were, this cat just decided to lay all over it.
14. The tablet is almost completely blocked from view thanks to this attention grabbing kitty.
15. Not only is this cat sitting in the book, it seems to know just what it is doing and the gentleman seems to be giving his best effort to continue reading.
16. Not trying to be the cute cat in the room, this kitty seems more interested in getting some rest while taking up a bunch of space on the newspaper that is being read.
17. Either this cat wants to turn the page now or it may want to finish looking at this page for a second and it is active in its reading hobby.
18. It is ironic that one cat is looking at another cat on the screen that is interrupting someone else’s reading time.
19. This kitty may not want you to finish reading this book and may want your undivided attention to turn its needs.

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