18 Sailors Stand Like Statues. But Keep Your Eyes On The One In The Middle. UNBELIEVABLE!


The US Navy Drill Team performed in several US competitions before they made it to the Norway. If their performances went anywhere as good as this one, it’s no shocker that they were given the ticket to cross the seas and perform.

The Honor Guard has been around since 1931 and they are known for performing in various ceremonies, private and public. They know what they’re doing and precision is what they’re constantly working for.

When you want to be impressed by a video, this is the one you have to watch. Is it a little long? Yes. Is it worth every second? Absolutely. So hit play and be prepared to let your jaw drop as you watch the pure talent of these men. The crowd goes wild and you may want to give a standing ovation at your computer just to honor this drill team.

The whole time, the drill team is beautifully choreographed, and when you watch the one in the middle march down the row, it is absolutely amazing. The crowd goes wild, as they should. In the end, the American team wins and it should be no surprise once you watch this video.

The clip is a little over six minutes long and the whole time, you’re going to be impressed. You need to watch this video to gain respect for what this Honor Guard has accomplished. Whether you’re in the military or not, you have to respect their mad skills – and share the video with your friends on Facebook while you’re at it.

Do you think you could stand like the one in the middle without flinching? Amazing!

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