15 Life Changing Cat Rescue Pics Before And After


I Have a pet cat named JT, that I rescued from the animal shelter. There is no better feeling than picking out a furry friend and taking him home. My cat was not in the kind of shape these cats were, but he might have been euthanized if I didn’t rescue him.

#1 Fire Survivor, Justin
Looking at this picture before, Justin is a small cat looking very sick. In his after picture he looks big and healthy. Justin’s big green eyes and shiny black and white coat is proof of what a little nursing can do.
#2 A Box of kittens were found at the shelter, that had one blind survivor. Six months later she is a beautiful little white cat.
#3 Bunny was found electrocuted with many wounds. With some special care, a few months later he is looking like it never happened.
#4 This handsome cat, Mr. Biscuits was warming himself in a car engine. When the car took off he got fried. He is now recovered and Mr. Biscuits is a very handsome cat.
#5 This cute pint size kitty was found almost dead and by the grace of god is looking to have fully recovered.
#6 This cute little black cat, Louie was found abandoned in the gutter. Now Louie is one cool cat in charge of the house.
#7 This kitty was rescued from neglect and his owner is the only thing in his eyes today!
#8 Left for dead, Kodama was infested with maggots. It has been six years and she is happy now with her new owners.
#9 Utopia, the white cat was left in a drenching rain but now has a nice home to live.
#10 This white kitty is looking healthy after being rescued, and with care from his new owner has grown into a big white cat.
#11 Stuart Little is very fitting for this next kitty. He looks just like a little mouse in these pictures but was nursed back to health. What a great name for this kitty.
#12 Scout, a funky whiskered cat looking fat and healthy, a year later after being found as a stray.
#13 This calico cat, Tyrion looking like a healthy furball after he was treated for his eye infection.
#14 Spyder with her gray spotted mouth and big eyes was found in a drain. Her new guy has given her a new home and she looks to be the cutest and happiest cat on this post.
#15 Duncan the yellow tabby cat was found in the middle of the road with injuries. Duncan looked so sad and distrustful in the before photo. Breaks your heart this has to happen to these wonderful creatures. Thanks to the new owner, Duncan is in fine hands and is looking much happier and trusting.

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