11-Year-Old Boy Held Salute For One Hour. Who Joins Him At 5:02? Beautiful!


A little boy displayed a rare high level of intelligence and patriotism for his age when he dazzled tourists and visitors at Omaha Beach in France sometime in June, 2014. The boy had personal plans as to how he would honor some brave American soldiers during the seventieth anniversary of D-Day invasion. So he travelled to France, Normandy precisely a few days to the anniversary. While executing his plans, he stayed in American cemetery for four days educating some tourists and visitors about some American soldiers that died during the D-Day invasion.

D-Day invasion is the name given to the attack American troops launched on German soldiers in France to capture France from the dictatorial clutch of the Germans. It started on the 6th of June, 1944. Although the operation was successful, a lot of American soldiers died in it. Some of whom this young boy taught visitors about for four days in American cemetery. All these are parts of how he planned to thank American soldiers who fought the war. He wanted to personally honor the brave soldiers who laid their lives just to fight oppression and tyranny.

On the official anniversary day this boy’s plan almost got thwarted by the police. He was not allowed into the cemetery probably because of his uniform. He was not discouraged at the negative development. Instead, he went to Omaha beach with his American flag and flag pole. With the aid of the pole, he stood the flag by planting the pole deep in the sand. He stared at the ocean for a while and what he did next amazed all the world.

While he was still facing the ocean, struggling to stand the flag firmly, it was as if something took over him. He raised his hand in hot salute. It is believed that the spirit that led those great soldiers to victory over Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship got into him (the young boy). And he did something almost impossible for children of his age. While standing, he held the flag with his left hand and his right hand up in hot salute, he stood still for almost two hours! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Yes he did it!

Soon within that period, this amazing young man became a source of attraction himself. All kinds of people trooped to the very beach to see him and to confirm the story making the round about some young boy standing still with American flag in Omaha Beach. From that day up till today, it is not quite clear whether the boy had rehearsed the salute for days before the anniversary day or it was the spirit of the dead American soldiers that suddenly got into him. Whichever it was, the boy achieved a rare laudable feat that should not go unnoticed.

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