You Have To See How Hilariously Silly These 11 Dogs Look With Their Toys


1. This dog and the fake mouth it is wearing kind of blend well together, as if they were designed especially for this canine. The pose also helps and this makes for one amusing and sweet photo.

2. One big smile and one funny dog make up this photo. This smile is missing a few teeth and that makes it all the more funny. The doggy is doing a good job of holding unto its toy teeth and posing for the camera.
3. Now this is one large set of lips that this adorable dog is posing with. We have no idea what the smile is like but we know that those are some full lips. Someone looks ready to plant a kiss on someone.
4. This serious looking doggy means business while wearing a funny looking toy mustache. Whatever this funny dog is thinking about, it is doing a great job of wearing the mustache and helping to make a funny pic.
5. Either this dog is sleeping during its photo or it was caught with its eyes closed. This oversized red tongue is a great toy for a dog to use in a funny picture and this one came out just right.
6. This dog actually is holding a ball that is shaped like teeth in this photo and what a prop it is. The doggy seems to be aware of the photo session and looks like it is striking a pose.
7. This pug pulls off the “I have a curly mustache, big front teeth, and have been caught by surprise” look down to a tee. As far as dogs posing with funny lips pictures go, this one is an instant classic.
8. With this dog holding a ball that is designed to look like teeth, there is a funny and fearsome quality to it. You just hope this dog wants to make you laugh opposed to grabbing your pants leg.
9. This hairy dog looks adorable with these oversized puckers that it is wearing. You can’t even see the dog’s eyes through all the hair and that seems to make this an even funnier photo, those lips were made for kissing.
10. This dog was caught with a big toy cheeseburger in its mouth and it looks like a funny addition to its mouth. It also looks very serious about posing for the camera and looks cute while doing it.
11. Now this little pug is giving cute human babies a run for their money in this adorable photo. Using a pacifier to make itself even cuter than it already is, this dog looks quite huggable. This face looks like one that can get away with all kinds of naughtiness.

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