109-Year-Old Woman Says Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Men


Every birthday that passes, we typically make a wish, knowing in our hearts that there is a very good chance that it will not come true. While some of us use our wishes hoping for new adventures or an increased sense of happiness, others use theirs on more materialistic items, such as money or fancy presents. The old woman in this clip does not have time for wishes of this nature and she is clearly the most spry looking 109 year old that we have ever laid eyes upon. She is not allowing the number of candles on her proverbial birthday cake faze her in the slightest. This woman is a testament to the enjoyment of life and how far it can take you if you allow it to.

Jessie Gallan is currently the oldest living woman in the world and she lives in the green, lush countryside of Scotland. To commemorate her latest birthday, she was asked to do an interview with STV News. From there, she was also asked to divulge her secret to living such a long, happy life. The advice that she ends up giving to the news crew is likely to have you laughing out loud. She advises single people to take their time when it comes to meeting that special someone. Jessie claims to owe her long, fulfilling life to her avoidance of men, who she says are far more trouble that they are truly worth.

While most of us probably knew this factoid already, hearing it come straight from the mouth of a 109 year old woman really drives the point home. After all, if this woman can live this long without devoting herself to a man, what reason does a younger woman have to put all of her eggs into the marriage basket? This old woman is by no means fragile. In addition to swearing off men, she is highly dedicated to her exercise regimen of working out once a week and she also consumes porridge on a daily basis. Jessie does not have time to dwell upon missing out on having a man in her life, because she keeps her calendar filled with activities and she does not allow herself to remain idle for too long.

Ladies, once you catch a glimpse of Jessie and the ease at which she moves, you may be tempted to kick your boyfriend’s butt to the curb. Men, if your significant other has ever accused you of draining her life force or removing years from the back end of her life span, you may want to hide once she finds this clip. All jokes aside, be sure to share this video with your friends and loved ones on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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