100 Years Old Ladies Discuss Current Affairs


Just making it to the age of 100 is a rare accomplishment in itself. Having a childhood friend that reaches the century mark with you is just incredible. Irene and Alice are a pair of friends that know what this rare feat is all about and they are still going strong. This duo gave their take on popular culture on the Steve Harvey show and their answers did not fail to entertain. Selfies have been all the rage in the past year or two with Hollywood types and those who follow trends. Taking a picture of yourself for others to view may not seem like the most creative way to take some photos but it is popular nonetheless. The two ladies discussed selfies, what they are, and who does it. One lady decided she would try it and the other said she had enough pictures of herself already.

The subject of twerking came up and the ladies were not familiar with the new dance trend that involves bouncing one’s butt up and down in a rhythmic. Understandably, neither lady was too familiar with the twerking craze and they just mentioned they old-school dance moves that they used to do. On the subject of the new iPhone operating system, one of the ladies immediately expresses her displeasure with getting in contact with the telephone company and how you don’t talk to an actual person when you call. She clearly misunderstood the actual question but her response was priceless.

The always controversial Justin Bieber was brought up next and only one of the ladies knew who he was. She correctly identified him as a singer and she also knew that he was doing something wrong but couldn’t remember what it was. Her friend decided it was time for another question. When asked about a baby being named North, the ladies were just confused and wanted to know who had such a name. This reference to Kim K. and Kanye West’ daughter did not make much sense to the ladies. The ladies also learned what the acronym BFF stood for and one of them was amused to learn that best friend was the main point. Her best friend used the opportunity to drop a curse word about how she felt about the phrase. While this pair of friends are clearly out of touch with what is going on in the pop world right now, they are also having a lot of fun hanging out together. Their perspective on things helps to highlight just how silly some things are. The real story is that friendship can last for many decades and remain strong and as Steve Harvey pointed out, to live that long and have a friend to hang out with is a goal in itself.

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