Blind 10 Year Old Boy With Autism Blows His Church Away with a Song. This Is a Must-See


This story can be very sad and at the same time, it can also be incredibly motivational. It will either brighten up your day or make you feel like you want to help everyone out there. Either way, we like our chances, so we’re giving it to you. This is all about a 10 year old boy that, despite being blind and having autism, is still an incredible inspiration for everyone.


All you need to do is listen to this boy sing “Open the eyes of my heart” to see what we mean with all this. The way he sings is just amazing, he even gets the whole crowd standing up, melting all over the place due to his amazing talent and faith. He is, at the same time, incredibly fortunate and unfortunate – it’s just amazing to see him sing like that.

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