10 Cats Have The Best Slumber Box Party In The World! This Is The Best Slumber Box Party EVER!


We have all been obsessed with slumber parties when we were teenagers. We really enjoyed gathering in one house, and having a girls-only party. It was one of the best things we used to do back in the days. We got together, away from our parents, and gossiped all night. I mean how much better could it get? Well looks like slumber parties are not for teenagers only. A woman had the greatest idea of throwing a slumber party to 10 cats. It is not difficult to plan a slumber party for 10 cats. All you need to have is a room only for them, and a couple of boxes where they can sleep.

We all know that cats have an ongoing obsession with boxes. That is why this woman thought that these cats would enjoy the slumber party best if there were boxes. And I can tell that she was right. As you will see from the video, cats like to play with boxes, eat them, or just be inside of them. Sometimes I think that is it so easy to entertain a pet as long as you have their favorite “toy.” Which is a really good think because we have to provide our pets the happiness that they provide us with their presence.
Looks like the party goes on really quietly. First cats get to know each other, through smelling, starring, or poking. Once they get introduced, they proceed with their daily activities. Some sleep as soon as they get into the boxes, others try to ruin the boxes, and others just want to explore the area. It is really cool to see how cat slumber parties look like. In the end we have to admit that different creatures, enjoy things differently. This is how cats enjoy slumber parties. Care to join?

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