Dogs’ Unconditional Love For Babies Is Immeasurable

Generally, dog’s love toward man is immeasurable. You will not really know how loving they are except you own one. These are loyal animals that will always want to be at their owners’ side, through thick and thin. This canine love also extends to

Kittens Rescued Covered In Ink Are Happy To Be Clean

Two very young kittens have recently been rescued in England after being discovered colored or painted in what looks like permanent marker. The reason why any individual would treat an animal in such a manner is unimaginable, but we are glad that these two

This Mom Let Her Dog Choose Her Own Sibling

Christina loves animals and she always envisioned raising a cat and a dog who would grow together as siblings and become the best of friends. Her first step was purchasing a puppy that she would name Raven and her next step was taking Raven

Throwaway Mama Dog Rescued From Brooklyn Subway

Throwaway mama dogs are females who are used for breeding. The puppies may be sold for pets or experiments. The throwaway mama is abandoned when she can no longer produce puppies. The females are usually kept in isolated and cramped cages. This video shows

Unbelievable Dairy Delight For Dog

All mothers and wives have chastised their children and husbands about sucking the whipped cream straight out of the refrigerated spray bottle. There is something about this way of eating whipped cream that is so satisfying and devious that nothing women can do will

10 Illustrations Every Dog Owner Will Understand

As awesome friends, dogs will always be there for you at all times and will never disappoint whenever you need them. Due to their ability to go for joggings, training exercises, and daily walks, they will always make you healthy. Most striking of all,